Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance

Bio-Resonance is a non-intrusive process which provides treatment for Parasitic Infections of the Human body.

How does it work?

The underlying theory is based on all matter (cells, organs and tissue) having specific and individual healthy resonant frequencies. Groups of cells which together make bodily systems, organs and structures have particular resonant frequencies. When we become ill our bodies frequency and electromagnetic field can change or become distorted. Illness has two main root causes:

Parasitic Infection (Bacteria)


Parasitic infection can be treated by subjecting the body to healthy Bio-resonant frequencies to neutralse the bacterial infection.

The application of frequencies to the body can be done through, electromagnetic fields, sound vibration or light.

Our Bio Energy practitioners use of bio-resonance is done by applying frequencies to the body to destroy Pathogens / Parasites and clearing the body of infection which allows the immune system to work normally enabling the body to recover.


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