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Reality Engineering Retreat

A complete Transformation and Self-healing program of all the aspects of Body, Mind & Soul.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore and achieve a synergy between your Mind, Body and Soul creating an opportunity to improve wellbeing, vitality and recharging natural energy in the body.

Our workshops have proven very successful for many people, who have discovered alternative approaches to balancing their lives. Our practical workshops, meditations and guidance workshops provide you with a comprehensive set of tools, methods, visualizations, energy and psychic techniques and real-life programming exercises.

We use a variety of techniques that include an Innovative Method and Quantum Level Programming Approach developed by School of Life Bg.

The retreat will encompass:

Initial Chakra measuring with crystal pendulum (aura camera available onsite as well). Chakra & Aura Cleansing & Balancing techniques.

An Initial assessment of your current reality and beliefs in relation to the reality in which you want to be. We will use Reality Bridge ©, a method developed by " School of Life Bg", to assess the current state of reality.

You will define the areas and spheres of your life that you want to develop and improve, get a set of tools, exercises and techniques to program the Mind to work with, and ways to measure your results.


Prices for the retreat are as follows:

3 day - 300 euro

5 day - 500 euro

7 day - 700 euro

Please note that the above prices exclude flights or accommodation and transfers to the retreat. We  can assist with accommodation and transfers.

Please Contact us at the School for further information 

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Light and sound programming at different levels of consciousness - Exercises to replace our thoughts, concepts, beliefs and beliefs, habits at alpha level.

You will connect with your body, make an internal journey and study the whole body to find out what it needs.

  - Develop an individual recovery card - a program and a mantra to follow.

  - We'll look at basic ways to detox the body recommend the foods that are best suited to you.

Healing vibration frequencies and mantras

  - We will apply energy healing practices and exercises to release emotions and feelings (Conscious Emotionality © - School of Life Bg and Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT).


Event Properties

Event Date 17-09-2018
Event End Date 23-09-2018
Registration Start Date 05-06-2018 7:00 am
Capacity 10
Cut off date 01-09-2018
Individual Price лв600.00
Location Vratsa
лв600.00 10
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