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Special Events

At the School of life we are holding a number  of special events planned through out  2017.

Watch  our special events Calendar for More Details of forthcoming events.


22-10-2018 9:00 am - 28-10-2018 12:00 pm

LIGHT BODY Transformation Retreat

The program includes activating hands, heart and body of light. It works with the 12th energy centers – chakra, subtle bodies and the meridians of the body.



17-09-2018 - 23-09-2018

REALITY ENGINEERING program, a practical set of techniques and a complete guide for self-healing, transformation and programing on the level of Body, Mind and Soul.

Reprograming of the holographic MIND, healing of the BODY and Integration of the defragmented SOUL.

лв600.00 10

12-01-2018 6:30 pm -7:45 pm
Leva 10

Beginners class on Basic use of english language, includes guidance on the use of the english language language and useful tips to make speaking english easier.

Have fun while you learn!

лв10.00 10

04-06-2017 11:00 am - 29-01-2017 2:00 pm

As part of our continuing series “journey around the world” we are pleased to invite you to a special event an ENGLISH folklore feast, dances for entwining colored ribbons around the Maypole tree, lots of games and traditional English outdoor lunch at the Ocean Farm Near Vratsa

The Maypole is a tall wooden pillar raised outdoors around which it is danced and is part of many European folklore traditions and festivals.

The feast consists of dancers performing circles around a tall wooden column, decorated with garlands in the spring. While dancing around the tree, the dancers intertwined colorful ribbons to form a network of beautiful multi-colored garlands with fantastic motifs.

The folk tradition dates back to the 14th century in England, as a dance around a living tree that symbolizes the fertility of the earth. The wooden pillar, "Maypole", also symbolizes the axis of the earth, and according to the German, Norwegian and Swedish pagan traditions represent the sacred trees on the earth, assuming that the universe is a world - a tree.

Lots of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Traditional English Lunch of Roast Lamb will be served.


Please contact the school of life for more information

лв25.00 20

27-05-2017 10:00 am -5:00 pm



School of Life Bg - "School of Life Bg" has the pleasure to invite you to one-day practical training for complete revitalization of the body


This is the second in a series of three sessions bought to you from The School of Life Reality Engineering Program, Mind, Body & Soul. This original and innovative program includes methods and quantum level programming approach developed by School of Life Bg.


This second part of the program RE Engineering - The BODY is also a standalone module and will deal with complete revitalization of the body - detox on physical, emotional and mental level, synchronization of the mind and body, balancing the energy centers of the body - the chakras, connecting the meridians The body with those on the ground and activating the healing processes of the body.


We offer you a complete unique complex of knowledge, instruments, energy and psychosomatic techniques and healing exercises for the BODY - I love and accept my body.


WHY choose this is training session?


For all who want to live and feel as good as possible in this 3D reality, heal their bodies, maintain a healthy lifestyle, change their diet, connect with their hearts, free themselves from negative emotions And lower-vibrating thoughts that make us sick, find alternative techniques to deal with stress and noise, and strike a balance between mind and body.

For all who seek a deeper knowledge of the world within themselves, alternative ways of healing, personal change, and spiritual transformation.


Do you believe it is possible that YOU CAN? Your answer determines your result.


Short TEST:

What does our physical body need to feel good, be healthy and extend our lives? ENERGY AND CONSCIOUSNESS

- 1. Clean food; 2. Pure water; 3. Sunlight; 4. Heat; 5. Clean air; 6. Movement; Relevant vibration frequencies of 7. Healthy (non-harmful) environment; 8. An environment of positive people; 9. Positive thoughts, emotions and feelings; 10. Love. (10x10% = 100%)

- What percentage of the 10 listed conditions are covered in your everyday life? So, on a conditional basis, can you assess the risk yourself?


WHAT will you get from this training?

- You will connect with your body, make an inner journey and examine the whole body to find out what it needs.

- Building an individual recovery card - a program and a mantra to follow.

- We'll look at basic ways to detox the body (spring is very suitable for cleansing the colon and liver)

- Preventive methods and techniques to be healthy

- You will learn about the basic principles of the program - Ultrametabolism and Healthy Diet (Mark Hyman)

- The main role of water and salt, the source of life

- How to maintain PH balance. We will measure your PH balance and we will recommend the foods that are best for you.

Healing vibration frequencies and mantras

- We will apply energy healing practices and exercises to release detained emotions and feelings ("Emotional Consciousness" - a method of School of Life Bg).

- We will make energy techniques for balancing the chakras - (the energy centers of the body) and connecting the meridians of the body with those on earth that you can use later on (including appropriate crystals and essential oils).



лв60.00 20

09-04-2017 11:00 am - 10-04-2017 3:00 pm

The School of Life BG is pleased to invite you to an exclusive 4 Star Spa Easter retreat A unique 2 day event focused on Balancing and Activating the Subtle Body Chakra and the higher 8 to 12 Chakra system in the 5th Dimension. Our program will enable you to clear blocked chakras by use of yoga practices and meditation. The program also includes a comprehensive set of practical exercises to help raise the bodies Vibrational levels, measurement f the chakras by pendulum and Aura Camera. There will be a guided meditations accompanied by authentic Tibetan singing bowls.


14-02-2017 6:00 pm -10:00 pm

The school of life welcomes you to an evening of Spanish Culture, Music and Entertainment -  Love, Wine, and Chocolate