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Educational Programs Schools and Universities

We have formulated a set of Interactive educational modules designed for school and college students see samples of our modules below.

Why choose the School of Life BG?

We pride ourselves on teaching in an interactive and interesting way, providing our students with an opportunity to develop self-confidence, knowledge using interactive sessions.

We are very experienced coach and mentors wide a breadth of experience embracing many different cultures across the world. Our lecturers bring their own international life experiences to every module we deliver giving an extra dimension to the topic and methods used.


Here is a brief summary of some of the modules we offer


Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. This module looks at geometric shapes used in the ancient and modern world


The connected Universe

A module that explores the Multiverse and Universe and our human connection to it. An analysis of Electromagnetic Energy, Fractal mathematics and natural replication of form based on the golden Ratio Phi 1.61

The Power of Sound

Explores the relationship of energy and sound. Includes practical demonstration on the effects of sound on our surroundings and Bodies

Sonic Geometry

Sonic Geometry explores the relationship of shapes and the relationship to audible sound. Includes aspects of Music and the relationship to Geometry


Energetics (also called energy economics) is the study of energy under transformation. Because energy flows at all scales, from the quantum level to the biosphere and cosmos, energetics is a very broad discipline, encompassing for example thermodynamics, chemistry, biological energetics, biochemistry and ecological energetics.

This module looks at energy in the form of Vibration and its effects. Interactive sessions are included in this module.We are also able to provide tailored modules on topics on Health and wellness for adolescents which cover aspects of:

Healthy eating, Positive thinking and wellbeing.